First edition 2023 printed in Australia.

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240 pages
Hardcover – Indigo linen with White Deboss
Dust Jacket and Cover Design by Rik Bracho
Interior Text design by Ramuel Reyes
Book Design and Creative Direction Jared O’Sullivan Studio.

FRAGMENTS FROM THE VOID is an artist book retrospective that culminates an aesthetic and philosophical journey through the catalog of Australian photographer Jared O’Sullivan.

The assemblage is made up of images captured over a 10-year period from 2009 – 2019. The resulting artifact draws together the diverse nature of the artist’s nomadic archive.

The final book remixes images and themes explored while working in Australia, Mexico, Europe, Africa, The USA, and Asia to suspend reality and create a contemplative experience as we explore a montage of street photographs, a road story, and a series of surrealist dreamscapes.

The power of photography lies in its ability to capture symbols that define our existential paradigms, but the magic of the medium is its ability to represent the aura of a person, place, or state of mind to be experienced again, with its meaning transformed by our own perception.

FFTV is a journey of self-discovery and reflection, but also a curious exploration of the world around us. Always open to new experiences through a cosmopolitan gaze – the artist plays with the medium of photography through experiments with negative, mixed media, digital capture, and cyanotype prints.

Throughout the work, the open road is a metaphor for infinite possibilities and potential; FFTV juxtaposes scenes from contrasting cultural landscapes and finds similarities, beauty, and humor in its disparity.

Much of the artist’s book retrospective was curated while living in a property off the grid in the northern rivers of NSW, Australia. During this time bushfires came through the land followed by covid lockdowns all of which influenced the book’s final form.

The work celebrates the aura of the tangible object and was made in reaction to the zeitgeist of the information age and surveillance capitalism.

Note: There will be no digital release or publication of this work.


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