Mellow Hopes of Paradise is a street photography project that i spent 10 months shooting in Australia.
It begins in the Streets of Sydney’s Kings Cross and ventures through deserted roads and small country towns into the outback of the Australian landscape.
Along the way I spent time talking to Lovers, Rural Firefighters, Transsexual prostitutes, Bikies who now own bars, Middle aged swags-men who have been everywhere, rose sellers and young greasers.
I became fascinated by these characters, the environment and the disparity of human existence.
It’s not a representation of what Australia is; rather a collection of film stills gathered through different encounters in an Absurd world.

This series was shot with a Pentax K-1000 with a 50mm Lens and aKodak Pro-Star 35mm Automatic camera on ILFORD HP5+ Black and White Film.

© Jared O’Sullivan 2012

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