Video footage of the bushfires that came through Doon Doon Valley in November 2019. Mount Doughboy burnt badly, followed by an electrical storm that night with a downpour that calmed the flames.

Since November I have been filming and shooting the fires as they have moved through the landscape surrounding where we live in Doon Doon.

The last time fires like these came through this area was back in the 1930’s. This land is normally so lush and green, I never thought it would burn as it has. There have literally been fires running along the creekside.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the fires, the firefighters who volunteer put their lives on the line to protect their communities and environment. It’s scary how fast fire moves, it’s so random and uncontrollable.

Massive thank you to the UKI and Kunghur firefighters who came out to help and the small Doon Doon community who all came together while these fires came through and still continue to burn up in the hills.

Praying for a wet start to 2020 for all of Australia.

In the links below you can make a donation to the RFS or WIRES if you can. There have been more than 500 million animals killed so far.

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